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What's New?


Reeves County Hospital District targeted Mammography Services as one of the top 3 priorities for 2013. The new mammography machine was purchased, a mammography technician recruited, and the program was certified all before the end of 2013.

On May 22, 2018, 3D Mammography became available providing the most advanced technology in Mammography here at home.

Mammography was targeted by the Hospital District because our community was one of many rural communities that lost mobile mammography service provided by Texas Tech when they lost their grant. Since then residents have had to travel to larger communities for receive this service.

Like many other services available at Reeves County Hospital District, by providing services such as mammography, surgery, obstetrics, etc., we are relieving and/or reducing the burden of travel for our residents and those in our surrounding communities.

To schedule your mammogram, please call the Radiology Department at 432-447-3551, extension 5537. A doctor's order is required to schedule a mammogram.


A NEW Telephone System

Reeves County Hospital District and the Pecos Valley Rural Health Clinic have a new telephone system! This means all of the extensions have changed! Please consult the directory for the department you are trying to reach or the operator for the specific person. To reach the following departments:
Dial 1 - Business Office
Dial 2 - Administration/HR
Dial 3 - Dialysis
Dial 4 - Emergency Department
Dial 5 - Medical Records
Dial 6 - Nursing
Dial 7- Physical Therapy
Dial 8 - Pecos Valley Rural Health Clinic
Dial 9 - Social Services

Online Healthcare

Online healthcare is now a reality at Reeves County Hospital District. We are happy that we can help our region by providing interactive healthcare services.

Please try out our other online services.

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