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Our R-Stars are the BEST! They have been recognized by other staff members, patients, or visitors for doing may outstanding things! Here are just some of the reasons why they are recognized:

1. Receiving a compliment from a patient, visitor, or employee.
2. Going out of their way to make sure a patient is comfortable, has everything they need, and is always informed.
3. Walking patients to their destination as opposed to pointing and giving directions.
4. Maintaining a friendly and positive attitude when interacting with patients.
5. Taking initiative without being told.
6. Going above and what is expected in their job.
7. Identifying a way to make a significant improvement in the operations of a department.
8. Volunteering to help with extra projects or tasks.
9. Enhancing the Hospital or Clinic's image.
10. Interdepartmental teamwork.

If you catch one of our employees doing something extra special please let us know!


December 2017 R-Stars

Estela Barron - Housekeeping
Amy Powell - Housekeeping
Nadine Smith - Human Resources
Christian Serrano - IT
Pito Abila - Maintenance
Nick Garza - Maintenance
Sal Nichols - Maintenance
Jeremy Ramirez - Maintenance
Lily Serrano - Medical Records
Cynthis Muro - Nursing
Nellie Bowers, LVN - PVRHC
Eva Sorrels, LVN - PVRHC
Ramon Cardenas - Purchasing

November 2017 R-Stars

Angel Villalobos - Bio Med
Amy Powell - Housekeeping
Dana Magers - Human Resources
Nadine Smith - Human Resources/Adm.Assistant
Megan Neighoff - Imaging
Eric Salcido - Maintenance
Kristie Rodriguez, RN - Nursing
Venetta Seals - Public Relations
Jodie Gulihur - Special Projects

October 2017 R-Stars

Marisela Moreno - Laboratory
Diana Pino - Laboratory
Angie Fierro, LVN -Nursing Administration
Carla Florence, RN - Nursing/ER
Dr. Timothy Jones - ER
Maureen Lasam, RN - Nursing/ER
Stacy Davis, RN - Nursing/ER

September 2017 R-Stars

Connie Rubio - Business Office
Kaylon Bonds - Imaging
Angie Fierro, LVN - Nursing
Tobi Garcia - Outpatient Registration
Kellie Lease - Pecos Valley Rural Health Clinic
Gil Contreras - Physical Therapy

August 2017 R-Stars

Nadine Smith - Administration/Human Resources
Rose Cobos - Business Office
Petra Hernandez - Business Office
Resty Morales - Lab
Angie Fierro, LVN - Nursing
Tess Paris, RN - Nursing
Dennis Alibangbang,PT - Physical Therapy
Pete Castillo - PVRHC
Isis Garcia - PVRHC
Hattie Jurado - PVRHC
Sandra Soza - PVRHC
Dr. Steven Serrano - PVRHC
Mary Stanford, RRT - Respiratory Therapy

July 2017 R-Stars

Lisa Parras - Business Office
Irma Rayos - Business Office
Lily Serrano - HIM
Jeremy Ramirez - Maintenance
LaLaine Dapdap - Physical Therapy
Ismael Mendoza - Security

June 2017 R-Stars

Petra Hernandez - Business Office
Carmen Hinojos - Business Office
Grace Morales - Business Office
Carla Prieto - Business Office
Isela Valdez - Business Office
Eddie Zuniga - Business Office
Bonnie Carrasco - Dietary
Irma Reyes - Housekeeping
Marisela Mata - Laboratory
Chantel Orona - Laboratory
Diana Pino - Laboratory
Irene Alba - Medical Records
Frances Dutchover - Medical Records
Florinda Gallego - Medical Records x 2
Lourdez Lujan - Medical Records
Velia Barron - Nursing
Pete Castillo, LVN - Pecos Valley Rural Health Clinic- Pod B
Venetta Seals - Administration/Public Relations

May 2017 R-Stars

Lance Bowers - Dietary
Bonnie Carrasco - Dietary
Kim Chabarria - Dietary
Diana Eastin - Dietary
Denise Gomez - Dietary
Myna Hinojos - Dietary
Hortensia Jaramillo - Dietary
Cruz Licon - Dietary
Irene Martinez - Dietary
Marylou Orona - Dietary
Pito Abila - Maintenance
Nicholas Garza - Maintenance
Sal Nichols - Maintenance
Jeremy Ramirez - Maintenance
Eric Salcido - Maintenance
Raymond Bartolome, DPT - Physical Therapy
Lalaine Dapdap, DPT - Physical Therapy

April 2017 R-Stars

Brenda McKinney - Administration
Cenia Silva - Housekeeping
Kaylon Bonds - Imaging
Marisela Moreno - Laboratory
Faye Lease x 2 - Nursing
Yolanda Nitoral - Nursing
Yogi Nagaraja - Nursing
Tess Paris - Nursing
Raymond Rayos - Nursing
Rachel Saldana - Nursing
Judy Foster - Pharmacy
Dennis Alibangbang - Physical Therapy
BreAnn Avila - Physical Therapy
Raymond Bartolome x 2 - Physical Therapy
Gil Contreras - Physical Therapy
Lalaine Dapdap - Physical Therapy
Nina Gomez - Physical Therapy
Cynthia Marmolejo - Physical Therapy
Naomi Ramirez - Physical Therapy
Gaby Tarango - Physical Therapy

March 2017 R-Stars

Amy Powell - Housekeeping
Franchesca Cabrera - Imaging
Anthony Gonzalez - Imaging
Megan Neighoff - Imaging
Reynaldo Alberca - Lab
Resty Morales - Lab
Marisela Moreno - Lab
Chantel Orona - Lab
Diana Pino - Lab
Alberto Ragas, Jr. - Lab
Carlo Viray - Lab
Eric Salcido - Maintenance

February 2017 R-Stars

Dante Paris - Bio Med
Angel Villalobos - Bio Med
Melissa Fuentez - Dialysis
Jose Marmolejo - IT x 2
Pito Abila - Maintenance
Jeremy Ramirez - Maintenance
Xavier Cisneros, GN - Nursing
Maurie Cunningham, RN - Nursing
Dalilia Marquez, RN - Nursing
Lauren Putnam, NA - Nursing
Yoli Nitoral, RN - Nursing
Tess Paris, RN - Nursing
Carolyn Relyea, RN - Nursing
Rachel Saldana, UC - Nursing
Susan Wimberly, RN - Nursing

January 2017 R-Stars

Kathleen Freebird - Dialysis
Nick Garza - Maintenance
Martina Madrid - Outpatient Registration
Brenda McKinney - Administration
Marisela Moreno, PBT - Lab
Diana Pino - Lab
Eric Salcido - Maintenance
Diedra Taylor - Dialysis

December 2016 R-Stars

Dalila Marquez, RN - Nursing Department
Irene Martinez - Dietary Department
Johnny Vasquez - Nursing Department
Lilian Javelosa, RN - Nursing Department
Melva Reyes - Housekeeping Department
Phillip Workman - Nursing Department
Rachel Saldana - Nursing Department
Ramon Cardenas - Purchasing Department
Tess Paris, RN - Nursing Department

November 2016 R-Stars

Alejandra Soria - Rural Health Clinic
Ben Flaviano, RN - Nursing Department
Brandi Eakin, PA-C - Rural Health Clinic
Brittney Trevizo - Rural Health Clinic
Crissy Florez - Rural Health Clinic
Dana Magers - Human Resources
Frank Vasquez - Respiratory Therapy
Kassandra Parras - Rural Health Clinic
Kyna Olivas, RN - Nursing Department
Ruben Contreras x 2 - Housekeeping
Sandra Lopez - Rural Health Clinic
Sarah Mendoza - Rural Healthy Clinic
Susie Maldonado - Rural Health Clinic
Tina Carrasco - Rural Health Clinic
Tony Carrasco, RN - Nursing Department
Vanessa Hildago - Rural Health Clinic
Venetta Seals - Administration/PR
Vera Muniz - Rural Health Clinic