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Philosophy and Mission Statement

Reeves County Hospital District

Reeves County Hospital District's philosophy demands the highest regard for the human being as a total person. This involves the physical, emotional and the spiritual aspects of the patients entrusted to our care. The ultimate goal of Reeves County Hospital District is to improve the quality of patient care and to make the experience of receiving hospital and related health care services humane and respectful to the patient.

Reeves County Hospital District is dedicated to providing a broad range of health care services to the people and communities of Reeves County and adjacent West Texas communities.

The Hospital District believes that its most valuable asset is its people. The district's goal to create and maintain a safe, caring, and rewarding work environment for hospital employees and physicians to contribute in a positive manner to the community's health.

Because of the physician's importance to the hospital, policy decisions affecting patient care will be made with the involvement of the medical staff. The very nature of medical care demands constant upgrading in facilities, services and expertise. In keeping pace with rapidly advancing medical technology, Reeves County Hospital District will continually review, upon the advice of the medical community, the need for advancement in technology and services.

The only product a hospital has to sell is quality patient care and service. To deliver optimal patient care, the hospital will be responsive to our patients, our community, our physicians, our personnel and our volunteers. To facilitate this, Reeves County Hospital District will provide sensitive nursing care, efficient and broad diagnostic services, a clean and friendly environment, technologically advanced equipment, reasonable charges and progressive management.

An ongoing evaluation of these statements of philosophy will be an integral part of assuring that the best interest of the patient will always be foremost in the minds of those responsible for the management of Reeves County Hospital District.