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COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin in Reeves County

Feb 20, 2021


There will be no vaccine clinic Saturday (Feb. 20th) or on Monday (Feb. 22nd).

*If you had an appointment for Wednesday or Thursday of this week (Feb. 17th or 18th) please come on Wednesday or Thursday next week (Feb. 24th or 25th). Any time between 9-noon and 1-5pm.

Please follow up on Facebook for the latest updates

Vaccine is available in limited quantities as production increases.
Follow this link to make an appointment to receive the vaccine
Time and date of vaccines to be determined by availability of the vaccine

PECOS, Texas (Jan 14, 2021) - The first Reeves County residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare staff at Reeves County Hospital District are being immunized to protect them as they care for patients suffering from the dangerous disease. The life-saving immunization is now being made available to others in the community who meet certain criteria.

"Supplies for the COVID-19 vaccination are in short supply and demand is high, so it will take several months to get the vaccine to all those in the community who want it, said Brenda McKinney, CEO of Reeves County Hospital District. "Ensuring that everyone is vaccinated will be key to keeping our community safe from this dangerous disease.

"We are urging everyone to take measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 until we can get everyone in our community vaccinated, McKinney added."

According to state and national health officials, the vaccine is safe and effective at protecting people from the dangerous illness. Since none of the vaccines approved for use in our country use a live virus, it is impossible for the vaccine to infect someone with COVID-19.

Serious side effects are very rare. The most common side effect of the vaccine is a sore arm near the site where the vaccine was given. A few people have experienced other mild side effects, such as cold-like symptoms that can include a headache or mild fever that typically resolve within a day or two. According to McKinney, these side effects should not cause concern.

"Most people do not experience any side effects at all, except maybe a sore arm," McKinney said. "The less common side effects have not been serious. They show that the vaccine and your immune system are working."

McKinney urged everyone to check whether they are eligible to receive the vaccine. Because supplies are limited at this time, the Texas state government has placed limits on who can be immunized until production is increased. At this time, those over 65 and individuals 16 and older with conditions such as chronic kidney disease, cancer, COPD, certain heart conditions, diabetes, obesity with a BMI greater than 30 percent and pregnant women.

Teachers and school staff, social services workers, workers who maintain critical infrastructure and other front-line workers may also be eligible to receive the vaccine.

The Moderna vaccine is given in two separate doses, typically spaced 28 days apart. The second dose increases your immune system's ability to fight the virus. You should consult with your provider about scheduling a follow-up dose when you receive your vaccine.

According to health officials, it may still be possible to spread the virus to others if you have been immunized. Everyone is urged to continue following safety protocols including wearing a mask in public and practicing social distancing until the general public has been vaccinated and health officials give the all-clear.

"We are working closely with the state of Texas and grateful that we can offer this life-saving vaccine to the community so we can begin beating the pandemic," McKinney said. "If we work together now to protect each other, we can ensure a healthier and happier day ahead."

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently available in limited quantities to those who meet certain criteria. Reeves County Hospital District will continue to update the community on vaccinations.

The location, dates, and times for receiving the vaccination will depend on when RCHD receives them from the state. We will notify those who register when we receive confirmation of the vaccine's arrival. If you are unable to register on the www.reevescountyhospital.com website, please call 432-447-3551 and speak with Venetta, ext. 6350, Jodie ext. 6325, Kasaly ext. 8833 or Cindy ext. 2237 (Spanish speaking).