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Reeves County Hospital District Health Fair

2017 Reeves County Health Fair

The 30TH ANNIVERSARY of the Reeves County Health Fair will be SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 2017 - NO FOOLIN'! Yes, the Health Fair really is scheduled for April Fool's Day and we are gearing up for a really big celebration! And with the Health Fair being held on April 1st our theme this year is "Don't Fool Around With Your Health"!

Our 2016 Health Fair (our 29th!) was very successful with over 60 vendors in attendance. We thank each of you and the vendors for participating and we hope to see you again on April 1st of 2017.

The Reeves County Health Fair, held annually at Reeves County Hospital District, has been provided to the community for almost 30 years. The purpose of the health fair is to provide low cost and/or free health screenings and educational exhibits to persons interested in learning how to take better care of their health. This is a non-profit community wide project in which we emphasize health education, wellness, and prevention.

The Health Fair is meant to help you maintain your good health. It is not a comprehensive medical examination and cannot replace good medical evaluation by your physician or health care provider.

If any screening results are outside the normal limits, it may not mean something is wrong. Abnormal results may be peculiar to the screening or to some variation in the laboratory or test. Should your evaluation show a need for further examination, please be re-checked by your own physician because this may indicate the first signs of serious problems which, if treated properly, could avoid permanent damage, prolonged illness, and/or great expense.

Likewise, screening results within normal limits does not mean that a physical examination or repeat evaluation could not detect something abnormal. Nor is it a guarantee that you are in perfect health.

Your health is your responsibility. We can help you in making wise choices about maintaining your health by identifying those parts of your lifestyle which support your good health and those which increase the possibility for troubles in the future. Only you can use these hints to maintain your health.

Remember, good health is worth working for; and periodic check-ups are the best way to assure good health. The Reeves County Health Fair Committee and Reeves County Hospital District, sponsors of the Health Fair, thank you for your participation, and wish you good health and hope that we can contribute to that.

If you would like to be a vendor and/or would like more information about the health fair, contact Venetta Seals at 432-447-3551, ext. 6350.

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